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VoiceAmp helps stammerers / stutterers to improve the delivery of fluent speech.

The Fluency VA601i is a compact device with a streamline pocket design and personalised settings.

Theory behind the VA601i

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How VoiceAmp Speech Technology Helps You

Professionally recommended

The Fluency VA601i uses improved speech technology to deliver a revolutionary solution for people who struggle with stammers / stutters and associated disorders. This device has been recommended by leading audiologists, helping people all over the world.

Reduces anxiety

Since most stammering / stuttering is a disorder related to anxiety, the Fluency VA601i design helps the user to gain greater control over their speech. This is achieved through modified audio feedback which produces an in-ear sound that assists users to maintain fluency.

Personalised settings

Stammering is unique for each person and for this reason custom programs have been created to find individual preference with a simple touch of the keypad. Additional support is also available where the device can be remotely fine-tuned to achieve optimal settings.

Public speaking confidence

If speaking in public or feeling confident in front of people is a challenge then the Fluency VA601i is the device that can assist to maintain voice-flow while at the same time reduce anxiety.

Please tell us more. We would love to help.

I stutter/ stammer i am a colleage/ guardian I am a health professional

Watch VoiceAmp Videos

VoiceAmp's improved speech technology has been very well received around the world. Here you will find interviews and media coverage, as well as satisfied user videos.

How the Fluency VA601i works

Theory behind the VA601i

What causes stuttering? The Choral Effect, Altered Auditory Feedback and Edinburgh Masking Function.

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VA601i User Manual

Getting started with the VA601i, using the controls and indicators, and calibrating your device.

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Steps to fluency

Step by step guide allowing new users to explore the VA601i technology. It is a non-technical, hands-on approach.

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VA601i Data Sheet Specs

System overview, basic functionality, user interface, electrical specs, effect settings, firmware and schematics.

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Wireless Kit and Masking

Opting for the wireless kit ensures discretion while retaining the dynamic programmable power of the VA601i.

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VA601i Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions are answered here to resolve queries you may have.

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Please tell us more. We would love to help.

I stutter/ stammer i am a colleage/ guardian I am a health professional

Price of the Fluency VA601i

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Medical Aids and equivelants

The VoiceAmp Fluency VA601i is covered by most Medical Aids in South Africa and the National Health System (NHS) in the United Kingdom.

Online purchases

We use PayPal set in UK Pounds Sterling currency for online transactions.

Secure Payment

We use secure payment channels managed through PayPal and all major credit cards.

Delivery Time

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of funds clearing. Orders should be received within 48 hours.

Return Policy

A device may be returned within 14 days, subject to a 5% handling fee plus PayPal finance fees that may have been incurred.

Special Needs Trials

We offer a 14 Day trial for £250.00 deposit and 20% handling fee.


The VA601i comes with a one year Back-to-Base warranty. An additional 2 years Back-to-Base warranty upon request.


In order to facilitate international online transactions our prices are calculated in UK Pound Sterling (GBP).

Message from Alan Falck

"Our passion at VoiceAmp is to lower the anxiety and reduce the severity of stuttering and voice strain for our customers. Our device has been subjected to many clinical trials and we have supplied devices for over 10 years. We look forward to connecting with you."


Alan Falck
Founder of VoiceAmp

VoiceAmp is continually improving existing technologies and exploring new techniques to improve fluency. We value your feedback. For technical support, please contact us.

Technical Support

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